You and your player’s volunteer commitments are very important as we participate in fundraisers and other activities throughout the year. Grand Rapids Thunderhawks Football needs you to help make it all happen, and here are a few suggestions on how you can participate.

  • Volunteer for at least one of our fundraising activities.

  • Work at the concession stand during 7/8, 9th, JV or Varsity games.

  • Prepare, serve & clean-up at one of our “Pre-game Fueling meals” for the Varsity team.

  • Become involved in the Grand Rapids Area Football Association by attending GRAFA meetings each month (during the off season) and every week (during the season). All GRAFA members attending meetings have a vote!

  • Visit our website: www.grfootball.org and check out our team activities.

  • Request to join Grand Rapids Area Football Association on Facebook.

Here are just some of the costs not covered by the school activity fee:

  Assistant Coaches				Varsity Charter Bus Transportation
  Pre-Game Fueling Meals		Audio/Visual Equipment
  Team Camp Bussing			On Field Equipment
  Local Summer Camps			Coach Training

Want to become a Volunteer?

Let us know down below! (down but back soon!)