Thunderhawks Weightlifting Program


Our weight lifting program is designed to develop Power, Quickness, and Explosiveness no matter what sport you play. The major lifts we perform are essential for any Athlete who is looking to become better. The core of our program is built around the Olympic Lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. We also incorporate key Power lifts; the Back Squat, the Bench Press, the Deadlift, and the Front Squat. Proper safety and form is taught and enforced at all times during workouts. We use a eriodization and Progression method that is 4 weeks long with different intensities each week. Ideally, In Season Sports lift 2 times a week and Off Season lifters lift 3 times a week. With proper Tempo and Focus, workouts take roughly 40 minutes to complete. Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Swimming, Girls Hockey, and Softball are all successfully using our program. We are working on getting the rest of Grand Rapids Athletics on board to join us on our mission to make all of our athletes better.


Why do we focus on the Olympic Lifts? Why do we not just teach the Power Lifts? The Olympic Lifts help athletes develop Body Movement Awareness, Flexibility, Core Strength, and Body Strength through quick Multi-Joint Actions and explosive full body movements. The Power Lifts are great essential lifts for athletes for building strength and power, and that is why we use them in our program. But, those movements are not ideal for what an athletes body goes through in their sport. Squats can isolate the hips and legs, but have no focus on what the upper body is doing. Bench Press is the opposite of that, focus is on the upper body but nothing with the lower body. The Olympic lifts focus on the WHOLE BODY. They teach athletes how to use their legs, hips, upper body, and core all in one movement. By performing the lifts, the Athlete’s body mimics the power, quickness, and explosiveness needed for sport specific related movements.


With this design, our athletes are being exposed to two major benefits. One is Injury Prevention. By committing to our program, athletes become not only stronger & faster but they physically prepare their bodies for their sport. And from that, we found out our athletes who attend 75% or more of our workouts dramatically reduce the number of soft tissue injuries and concussions. The other benefit is preparation for life after high school. For our athletes who are fortunate enough to play at the College level, this design gets them ready for the intensity and dedication it takes when committing to that sport. We feel our athletes will be able to show up to their college Strength & Conditioning Coach with the knowledge and proper form for them to be successful immediately. And for everyone else, this design allows athletes to be competent and confident in future recreational weight room/workout settings. We have had many athletes go on to be successful in College Athletics, participate in Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting meets, and even join Athletic clubs and other fitness centers.

The Weight Room is open:

  • Monday through Thursday

    • Before school 6-7a

    • After school 3:15-5:15p

  • Closed on weekends and on non school days

Any other Questions, contact Ben Simula at