Welcome to the Grand Rapids Area Football Association!


The officers and members of the Grand Rapids Area Football Association are proud of the nearly 100 year tradition of Grand Rapids Football. As extra-curricular school program budgets get tighter, the football program and coaching staff are becoming more and more dependent on the Football Association to help maintain a high quality and viable program.

This is the sixth season for Coach Spahn and his staff and we look forward to continuing to work with them. The regular season schedule has us competing with teams much closer to Grand Rapids than in previous years which should lead to bigger crowds and closer competition both home and away.

As an association, we will work with the school, coaching staff and Jaycees to build a competitive football program through all levels culminating at the varsity. This does not happen with the wave of a wand. It will take player, parent, and community support through involvement, volunteering, fundraising, and donations. GRAFA is seeking membership from the Pony League up through the varsity. It is important to remember that this is YOUR program, YOUR team, and these are YOUR boys – YOU are all members of the Grand Rapids Area Football Association!

GRAFA President Contact

Tom Schmoll, President

(218) 256-0240


Coach Contact

Greg Spahn, Varsity Head Coach

(715) 220-2846


Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you this football season.